Having known this wonderful place in the east of Uruguay has motivated me to write this articleinformative collections of internet for those who like to see new places, has a history and a lot of mystical hope you like it.


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Murcia, halfway between the plateau and Andalusia, has historically been an enclave of way and meeting of cultures. Its artistic heritage keeps many testimonies of the past: paintings, Iberian and Roman ruins that speak of a millennial splendor. Arab fortresses, watchtowers, Christian churches and civil buildings: all these are the meeting point between past and present history of a community that looks to the future. From Eagles to San Pedro del Pinatar mile stretch of white beaches leading to the Costa Cálida, the ideal destination for those who either summer or winter, look for a few days relaxing by the sea.

Breath-taking places to visit in Europe

Regardless your budget and whether you wish to hit the beach, climb on mountains, enjoy shopping or explore new cultures, Europe is a wonderful tourist destination that will offer you all of these and a lot more. From Rome’s narrow streets to Cappadocia’s hillside cave architecture, you will have many places to visit and things to experience in Europe. Plan your trip carefully and make sure you will stop by these fascinating places.

Impressive buildings and stunning scenery

You cans tart with Rome, Paris, Barcelona or Lisbon and you will have the wonderful vacation you dream about. But make sure you will not miss Heidelberg in Germany, this cute and romantic German city located on the banks of the River Nicker. Placed in the Valley of Odenwald Mountains, Heidelberg displays gorgeous views of the green forests and mountains with high peaks. The Heidelberg Castle is worth a visit, so make sure you will not miss it either. Stroll in historic “old town”, befriend with locals and try a fresh beer served in one of the breweries.

Travel to Manarola, Italy and your heart will fill with joy every time when you will open your eyes. It might be one of the popular Cinque Terre towns, but Manarola is often overlooked by tourists. The vibrant rainbow-coloured houses are carved into stone, but they sure look inviting and chic. Take a few photographs, taste the fresh from local restaurants and relish with their renowned wine, Sciacchetra, before moving on.

For a medieval experience, head to Kilkenny in Ireland. The medieval walls, stunning St Canice’s Cathedral and Kilkenny Castle will take your breath away. Although this place is seen as a city, it is more like a large town and you will not get bored here. Hike in the beautiful forest, take a tour of the town and come at peace with yourself surrounded by the wonders hidden in Kilkenny. Fossil seashells and dark grey limestone were used at the construction of this marble city. Pay attention to the historic buildings and the geek within you will sure be delighted!

An unforgettable trip in Europe

Those who wish to have a holiday on budget should come to Berat, Albania. You will not believe how wonderful this place is. You will not have time to stay on https://www.escortdirectory.com/, because there are many things to explore and places to visit. Watch how the Otoman houses climb up the hill towards the castle and capture the clouds swirling around the tops of the minarets in great pictures to have as souvenirs from Albania.

If Leonardo da Vinci visited Lefkara in Cyprus, it means that there are many beautiful things to see here. Enjoy the unspoilt Cypriot simplicity and naturalness, go to one of the tavernas to savour their delicious food and walk on the narrow streets to see how women make the beautiful Lefkaritika lacework. Walk to the heart of this village, visit “The Holy Cross”, this church built in the 14th century and explore the picturesque surrounding to make the most of your vacation in Europe. Make sure you will visit some of these places and you will be amazed by what you will see during your vacation in Europe!